SideroTec - Siderophore Assay For Accurate & Rapid Siderophore Detection

Welcome to, by EmergenBio. We provide siderophore assay kits for accurate and rapid siderophore detection produced by bacteria and fungi or for the assessment of synthetic iron chelating agents. The SideroTec siderophore assay is a colorimetric test that can detect bacterial siderophores and fungal siderophores of the hydroxymates, catecholate and "mixed-type" varieties. The assay takes less than 5 minutes to set up and a result is available in less than 15 minutes.

Siderophore Assay Principle

SideroTec is a universal siderophore assay that will react with all classes of siderophore regardless of chemistry or origin and so can be used for siderophore detection in a wide range of iron binding compounds.

The siderophore assay is based on the colour change that occurs as result of ferric iron transfer from the reagent complex to siderophore present in a sample. The key reagent is a complex of a dye, iron, and a detergent. The dye complex is initially blue but on removal of iron the dye changes colour to purple or pink depending on the amount of siderophore present in the sample. The test can be used as a qualitative indicator for siderophore detection or can be used as quantitative test to estimate the level of siderophore present in a sample. In the absence of any siderophore the reactive ingredients remains blue.

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In The Interim, Here Is Some Feedback From β Site Trials

"I do think the kit would be of interest to many in the siderophore community, especially if it is quantitative and has a decent dynamic range." Novartis

"Overall, we are very pleased with its sensitivity, rapid analysis time and its ease of use. We have tried many times to make the CAS assay solution from literature recipes without much success-certainly not the sensitivity of your assay". American Type Culture Collection

"We have run a few of our chelators using your kit and found it useful for ranking the compounds in order of increasing iron binding affinity at pH 7.4. Overall, as long as chelators of same denticity (which is our case) are compared, the assay is much faster and more convenient than what we usually do". Apopharma

"Your assay gave the precise concentration of the siderophores produced by our reference strain(mutant of Mycobacterium smegmatis). This was confirmed by HPLC. We had positive feed-back on the siderophore work anddetection kit during ESBES." IBB-Institute for Biotechnology and Bioengineering, Portugal

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